Thursday, September 12, 2013

Glenn's first Cross Country meet

I have no idea what place he came in, and I don't care even a little bit (I do know that he wasn't last.)  Personally, I couldn't run across the street if I were being chased by a madman with a knife, much less run a mile...  Glenn walked some, but not a lot.

Anyhow, I'm just so flippin' proud of him, I can hardly stand it. 

Walking in.  (I just love the back of their shirts.)

Sean doing... I don't know.  I said, "Look at me."  This is what I got.

De-leaving the tree.

Coming up a hill.  He's still running.

I'm not sure why I got this look.  I'll assume it's 'cos there's a bottle-neck ahead of him & he had to walk.  Yeah.  Let's go with that.

Running again.

Time for some cartwheels, of a sort.


Coming up the last hill!

He's smiling!  (I'd be dead on the ground, probably.  Definitely not smiling.)

Approaching the finish

Dang people in my way!  That's his leg, there, as he crosses the finish line.

Thirsty boy

Runner Number 302

Had to have some time on the playground, after all that.

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